MAKAI Power Catamarans seeks to redefine the power catamaran market by offering high-performing, spacious, and luxurious powercats accessible to all boaters. Our debut model, the distinctive MAKAI M37 power catamaran, prioritizes exhilarating performance and exceptional quality. This model is meticulously crafted to maximize all of MAKAI's core values.

MAKAI prioritizes its core values in every aspect of our work. Our main focus is on creating high-quality and innovative power catamarans, ensuring that all our fleets provide an enhanced cruising experience that maximizes the true pleasures of boating. Explore our debut models: the MAKAI M37 and its open-roof counterpart, designed for sun-soakers seeking boundless agility and space.

Three founders,


At the Core

One passion

Brand Evolution

Engineering Excellence

The collaboration was sparked by a shared passion: performance power catamarans. Each founder brings extensive international experience in the boating and maritime industry, ranging from hands-on boat building to leadership roles in globally recognized boating companies. Coming together, these founders merge their expertise to create an innovative power catamaran that sets new standards in the market, providing everyone the opportunity to truly enjoy the pleasures of boating.

The MAKAI brand was founded by a diverse global team from the UK, Australia and Croatia ,with over 40 years of collective experience in the boating industry. Their expertise focuses particularly in catamarans, emphasizing fuel efficiency and innovation. Drawing on their industry insights, they synergized their individual strengths to craft a luxurious and powerful powercat that addresses contemporary market demands. To infuse the MAKAI values into the boat design, the team collaborated with Italian Sports Boat Designer Emanuele Rossi.

Our current founders leverage their expertise to guarantee the delivery of the highest quality product in the market. Shane Grover, our operations director, has been building performance catamarans for almost 20 years, and is hands on at the factory every day with every new build to uphold the highest standards of production quality.

Designed in Italy

Classically Elegant

Built in Croatia

Sports Cars

The MAKAI M37 is intricately designed in Italy, renowned for its excellence in craftsmanship and trend-setting design. For many months, the MAKAI team dedicated extensive effort to enhance and perfect the original prototype so it reflects on all of MAKAI's core values.

"The sportiness of the design is inspired by classically elegant sports cars. The boat has an interesting combination: the boat moldings and surfaces have a feminine elegance, but there are also more masculine aspects that coexist together. This interesting cohesion creates that fascinating harmony between elegance and masculinity, expressing sportiness with agility. In design, it is important to find the perfect balance between the two worlds if the aim is to portray both sportiness, grittiness as well as elegance. "

One Ride Away

Global Scale

The production and handover facility in Split, Croatia. This strategically positions MAKAI at the heart of the world's major boating markets. Renowned for its rich boating history, beautiful coastlines and close connectivity to global shipping routes, Split offers an ideal location for MAKAI power catamarans. This provides Makai owners a unique opportunity to get to know their boats whilst exploring this beautiful region before shipping to your final destination

MAKAI's objective is to provide high-quality and innovative power catamarans on a global scale. With our extensive premium dealer network spanning across three continents, we can cater to customers worldwide, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the true pleasures of boating.