BOAT BUILD SERIES 4: Timber Fit-out



With the lightweight, one-piece, composite interior now structurally bonded into the hulls, and the resin-infused bulkheads and dividers glassed, our hull is structurally reinforced and ready for the installation of the high-end, hand-crafted timber components. This marks a significant milestone in the construction of the M37, where form and function converge to create a vessel that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand rough seas.

Timber Kit Installation

In the meticulous design and optimisation of the timber kit of the M37, we’ve not only focused on maximising the finish quality and weight, but also on aligning with Makai’s core values of quality, luxury, and durability. The timber components, constructed using a blend of marine-grade ply, lightweight pet foam coring, white oak, and fineline white oak veneer, embody these values by achieving a modern, high-end finish while ensuring rigidity and longevity. Post-construction, the components are lacquered to seal the timber work, further enhancing its quality and durability. By integrating these materials and techniques, we ensure that every aspect of the M37 reflects our commitment to providing a luxurious, high-quality, and long-lasting product.

With the timber kit installed into the composite body of the furniture, the interior of the M37 is taking shape. The cabin headroom is now apparent, and the spaciousness of the cabin space is evident. The combination of white oak and fineline white oak veneer brings warmth and elegance to the interior, while the marine-grade ply and lightweight pet foam coring ensure durability and resilience. The lacquered timber adds a touch of sophistication, creating an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Whether you’re cruising the open seas or anchored in a secluded cove, the interior of the M37 provides a comfortable and stylish retreat.

As we carefully install all this high-end timber work, we simultaneously prepare our deck hardware ready for the next most crucial step of hull and deck bonding. This involves meticulously preparing the bonding surfaces and applying a high-strength yet high-elasticity bonding adhesive to all bulkheads and flanges. Once everything is in place, the deck is lowered one final time onto its final resting place, marking another crucial milestone in the construction of the M37.