BOAT BUILD SERIES 5: Bonding the Hull and Deck

BOAT BUILD SERIES 5: Bonding the Hull and Deck


At this stage, our hull fit-out and deck fit-out have been completed simultaneously, marking a significant milestone in the construction of the M37. We have meticulously mounted the deck hardware, ensuring that every piece is secured with precision. Our deck cradles have proven to be invaluable, making these tasks easily accessible and efficient.

The Hull and Deck Bonding

The installation of timber components is nearly complete, with only a few areas remaining where access is needed to execute the deck join. Each component has been carefully crafted and fitted into place, showcasing the perfect blend of elegance and resilience that defines the M37.

The deck is carefully lifted into place, while our experts check internal fitting and make adjustments to bulkheads to fine-tune their connection. This process involves lifting and lowering the deck multiple times to achieve the optimal marriage, ensuring that every detail is aligned perfectly.


Next, we prepare the bonding surfaces and apply a high-strength yet highly elastic bonding adhesive to all bulkheads and flanges before lowering the deck one final time onto its final resting place. This bonding process is a critical step in ensuring the structural integrity of the M37, and our team takes great care to ensure that it is executed flawlessly.

With the deck now bonded, we move on to our final stage of structural reinforcement, which involves glass-taping the bulkheads to the deck to provide the highest standard of secondary bulkhead bonding and strengthening. This ensures that the M37 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand rough seas and challenging conditions.

This marks a significant milestone in the build and signifies the end of assembly, with only finishing details required now and the collection and integration of the hardtop and cockpit modules, which have been assembled and manufactured on the factory floor.

In the next phase, our team will begin the installation of window liners, headliners, and the connection of lighting and switches before our detailing team steps in to clean up and finish each cabin. The M37 is taking shape, and we are excited to see the final product come together.