Discover the MAKAI M37 OPEN: Crafted for sun-soaked adventurers craving boundless agility and space. Embrace the freedom of an unobstructed horizon as the OPEN variant sheds its overhead hardtop, inviting you to explore concealed lagoons and tranquil anchorages with unhindered views. Feel the rush of heightened speed, accentuated by reduced weight, while reveling in unobstructed views that forge a profound connection with the water. Gentle bimini options provide UV relief, harmonizing with powerful cabin air conditioning. Embrace a nautical realm that embodies sunlit exhilaration, fluid agility, and limitless horizons.

Wraparound curved glass windscreen for high-speed wind protection
Open transom with optional gates and dive ladder for easy access
Soft bimini top and foredeck shade options while at anchor
Large hull windows with interior blackout blinds
Quiet Hulls
Reduce Sound fatigue
Easy To Use
Catamaran Manoeuvring
FUEL Economy
Low fuel consumption
4.65m / 15’3” beam
Incredible Range
Through Low Drag
Stable at rest
No need for stabilisers
More Economical
Enjoyable Sun Roof
Lower Maintenance
Less Hassle

Fast and


Power and

Poise Through

Enhanced Performance


Catamaran Efficiency

Form Stability

Through reduced weight

The MAKAI Difference

Catamaran efficiency makes the M37 incredibly quick and fun to drive - it also makes it manoeuvrable. Propellers are spaced farther apart than on a monohull - making them more efficient and providing greater twisting force when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Add in joystick control and this boat is simple to drive, and even more simple to dock.

Catamaran form stability means the M37 is calm in rough conditions, and stable at anchor. So you and your guests will feel the tranquility of a much larger yacht. But make no mistake this is a performance cruiser: up to combined 740 horsepower, along with our new and unique super low-drag catamaran design, enables a 38-knot top speed - numbers normally reserved for 1000HP monohulls.

Open boats are far more exposed than boats with roofs, meaning attention to detail is of utmost importance - so we took care built this power catamaran to last with thick UV-resistant gelcoats, temperature-regulating cockpit textiles, carefully waterproofed instrument installations, and a helm layout that maximises your fun in the sun while providing real wind protection.

Standing Headroom

Unlike any other power catamaran in its class, the M37 OPEN has full standing headroom in two beautiful staterooms. All have double beds, and for families there’s even the option of a double bed with additional singles for extra kids and guests. Each cabin has its own shower, sink and electric flush toilet.

Air-Glide System

Supreme Ride Comfort

Dynamic Ride

Forced Air

Tunnel Extension

Semi Asymmetric Hulls

The MAKAI Power Catamaran Air-Glide* shock absorbing system increases the boats' efficiency proportionally with speed without sacrificing comfort. Unique, asymmetrical hulls draw air under the wing to create high pressure between the hulls, and low pressure outside of the hulls.

Catamarans provide enhanced comfort over monohulls. Wide beam, enormous living space and an extremely stable stance - now Makai has taken this proven concept to the next level with our Air-Glide* power catamaran design

Specific power catamaran design features, when combined with advanced naval architecture deliver the smoothest ride you will find.

This innovative tunnel design forces air through the open bows of the catamaran - channeling a mixture of air and water into the tunnel between the two hulls. As this air/water mixture progresses through the narrowing tunnel, it increases velocity and is compressed into a high pressure air cushion. This cushion provides upward lift on the hull transom extension and provides the desired cushioning effect when riding over oncoming waves.

The Tunnel Extension aft of the catamaran hulls lengthens the tunnels effective operating size providing lift directly over the propellers and countering the pitching effect of the drives. This provides a seamless transition from the catamarans twin hulls to the swim deck and eliminates resistance from prop wash or tunnel wake.

Asymmetric catamaran hulls produce the lowest drag and therefore the greatest speeds and fuel efficiency. Symmetrical hulls by contrast, sacrifice both speed and efficiency for comfort. Makai has designed a hybrid of these two power catamaran philosophies to pioneer a semi-asymetric hull shape delivering a carefully optimised balance of speed, comfort and fuel economy.

Roof-covered boats provide protection from the elements for you, but also for the boat. Open versions are regularly far more exposed. That's why MAKAI conducted exhaustive research into making the M37 OPEN Power Catamaran. We paid careful attention to the detail, and built it to last, with UV-protected materials, careful installation, and a helm layout that maximises your fun in the sun.

Optional CZone Touch Screen Control

Advanced, Scalable Electronics

Carefully considered

Smartly Chosen



Our experienced team recognise the need for owners to personalise their boat, and our options list features everything from hydraulic swim platforms, to smart device integration. Tailoring your M37 catamaran can be as fun as driving it.

MAKAI Catamarans use the latest technologies to make boating more fun, but with the future in mind as well. Consider the scalable electronics options - with additional displays, fishfinders, scanners, cameras, and even integrated night vision capabilities.

Technical details
11.10 m
9.92 m
4.64 m
0.55 m
450 L
98.9 I. gal
900 L
198 I. gal
7.6 tons
7.48 UK t.
2x 320hp Yanmar 8LV-320
2x 370hp Yanmar 8LV-370
2 x Yanmar Sterndrive
2 X QSPD Surface Drive
ERYD Design