Production Update

PRODUCTION UPDATE:  Attention to Detail

The team at MAKAI are hard at work perfecting every detail of the new M37.  As we move through the successive stages of production we’ll be releasing more images and production updates so you can see how this project comes to life!  

In the photo gallery below, the first image is the final tooling milestone to be done before moving to full production – which is the roof and roof pillars. In that first image, you can see it being milled before being moulded.  The hulls are now complete as shown in the second image.  And finally, you can see the deck mold being finished to the right.

Next week, we move to full production, and the real excitement begins! M37’s are now on order for the UK and locations on the US East Coast. So many of you will see a fantastic new power catamaran arrive near your home or boating hotspot soon.

Contact us today for more information on the new M37 Power Catamaran.