MAKAI Power Catamarans Begins Serial Production

MAKAI Power Catamarans Enters Serial Production


In the dynamic world of shipbuilding, every stage of assembly marks a significant step toward the realization of a powerful vessel. As we eagerly anticipate the completion of Hull 1, there’s already a buzz of excitement surrounding the commencement of Hull 2 assembly, de-moulding of Hull 3 as well as the start of hull4. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the start of MAKAI M37 serial production, from exploring the assembly stage of Hull 2 to starting the production of Hull 4.

Hull 2 Assembly Stage

As the assembly of Hull 2 begins, one of the initial steps involves the meticulous process of leveling the hulls. This crucial stage sets the foundation for the entire vessel, ensuring precision and stability that are paramount to its performance. Quality is non-negotiable in the shipbuilding industry, and Hull 2 is no exception. A rigorous quality control (QC) inspection is implemented to guarantee that every component meets our stringent standards. From the smallest detail to the grandest structure, our commitment to excellence ensures that Hull 2 will not only meet but exceed expectations.As the assembly progresses, the installation of powerful engines is a pivotal moment in the boat build. The installation of powerful Yanmar engines ensures the boat reaches exceptional speeds.  If you want to learn about the engine installation, please have a look at our recent boat build story focused on engine installation.

MAKAI M37 Serial Production

The De-Moulding of Hull 3 

As hull 2 is progressing in the assembly stage, the production progresses with the de-moulding of hull 3. The de-moulding of the hull 3 allows us to begin the production of hull 4.

Start of Production of Hull4

We are very excited to kick off our MAKAI M37 serial production. After de-moulding hull3, we are ready to accelerate serial production of new MAKAI m37 by beginning hull4. Our team is ready to pursue this new milestone, driven by the passion to create vessels that redefine industry standards.

In the dynamic world of shipbuilding, each new hull brings us one step closer to re-defining the power catamaran market by delivering vessels that embody innovation, precision, and power. Hull 2’s journey, from leveling to engine installation, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. And with the commencement of Hull 4 production, we’re not just building ships; we’re shaping the future of maritime engineering. Stay tuned for future boat build series as we navigate these waters of progress, setting sail towards new horizons.

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