The MAKAI M37 Journey: Around the Mediterrenean

The MAKAI M37 Journey

Around the Mediterranean

A Bold Journey to Palma

After a successful launch and testing in early April, and just a few days after its final completion, it embarked on a long journey from Split, Croatia, to Sicily, and then heading to Palma. The weather conditions were far from ideal; from rough seas to extreme winds, but all of this effort was made for the boat to arrive for its world premiere at the Palma International Boat Show.


Some may view this decision as bold or even daring. However, the MAKAI team is confident that its debut model is not only luxurious and high-performing but also durable and sturdy enough to traverse the entire Mediterranean shortly after its launch. Our journey was filled with rough seas, especially during the passage from Sardinia to Mahon, where the waves were up to 3.5 meters. The journey may have been rough, but our commitment to excellence extends beyond surface-level features, as the MAKAI M37 has proven durability thanks to its high-quality build and finishes. This journey would not have been possible without our Spanish partner and CEO of Setsail World, Alfredo Pellicer Perez, Makai Yachts chairman, owner of hull 1 and UK dealer, Tom Whitby, Antoine Richer, naval architect and founder of Bains Froids Rocean, as well as our director and co-founder, Shane Grover.

The Palma International Boat Show was strategically chosen as the launch destination for the M37 due to its increasing popularity for motorboats, its excellent tropical location, and timing just before the Mediterranean nautical season. We believe this makes it the ideal venue for the M37 to showcase its capabilities.

Following the show, the M37 is on its journey back to Split via the same route and will arrive in Split, where it will undergo two weeks of rigorous testing by journalists and prospective clients. If you are interested to test the boat from May 15-25th, or visit us in Venice, please kindly reach out to [email protected]

Once the testing phase is complete, the M37 will set its course for the Venice Boat Show from May 29th to June 2nd, 2024, where it will once again take center stage. Held in the iconic city of Venice, Italy, this event offers a unique opportunity for boat enthusiasts to witness the M37 in action against the backdrop of one of the world’s most picturesque cities.

For those who are unable to attend the boat shows in person, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch glimpses of the M37 in action through photos and videos shared online. You can follow the boat journey on our socials @makaipowercats on instagram and MAKAI yachts on facebook.

So keep an eye out for updates on the whereabouts of the M37 as it makes its way from Split  to Venice. With its combination of performance, style, and innovation, the M37 is set to make waves in the world of boating.