Update: Our First MAKAI M37 Power Catamaran

Tooling of our first MAKAI M37 begins

Today marks the day that our first MAKAI M37 Power Catamarans announces their first step forward in bringing their product to life as we begin the production of our first all-new power catamaran – the M37. As MAKAI takes its first step in the production process, MAKAI has started a series of tooling investments to make the hulls, deck, roof and other parts of the new catamaran. We are also pleased to announce that the first materials have just entered production to make those parts. 

Soon we will be able to begin sharing snapshots as the Power catamaran goes through its construction phase. This stage also enables us to announce the availability of the first boats for sale.

So now when you contact us about pricing we can also tell you when your boat would complete in our factory, based on the live production schedule. Look out for more updates with pictures of our boats in construction!

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