MAKAI Model Comparison

HullsCatamaran Planing ConstructionVacuum-infused Polyester, Vinylester Engines320hp or 370hp Yanmar Sterndrive Range700 nautical miles Top Speed38 knots Joystick controlYes - Optional Draft0.55m / 1’9” Fuel Capacity1000l
HullsCatamaran Semi-displacement ConstructionVacuum-infused Polyester, Vinylester EnginesVolvo-Penta IPS400 or IPS500 Range1200 nautical miles Top Speed26 knots Joystick ControlYes Draft0.75m / 2’5” Fuel Capacity1400l


The MAKAI M37 Power Catamaran is the definition of versatility: comfortable for a week or a weekend, fast enough to get you to distant lagoons and anchorages of calm and relaxation, and delivering fun and excitement for the whole family to enjoy along the way.

Our advanced new power catamaran hull design provides form stability at anchor – meaning you have a wide, stable platform when resting. While under way the unique Air-Glide design cushions the ride and reduces slamming.  These all-new power catamarans also provide unrivalled fuel efficiency with up to 750nm range. That means they are environmentally friendly, while also keeping running costs down to make them budget-friendly for couples and growing families alike.

New to boating? The M37 Power Catamaran is the perfect place to start. The MAKAI Air Glide system draws air between the hulls to soften the landing when tackling larger waves.  So if the weather turns rough your guests and children don’t suffer the same slamming experienced on traditional motor yachts.  When you do reach your destination, our boarding systems at the stern and bows make jumping onto the beach or dock easy and hassle-free. Kevlar construction in the bows combined with tilting drives at the stern means you can bump up to the beach without worrying about damaging the boat, so your thoughts are only on enjoying your relaxation time.  Learn more on the M37 page.

The MAKAI M45 Power Catamaran is the ultimate explorer boat.  Carefully designed and meticulously crafted to achieve year-round liveaboard comfort, this boat has the range, storage, safety, and comfort to take you anywhere you might want to go.

Traditional motor yachts suffer well-known range limitations, but our advanced new power catamaran hull design achieves next-level fuel efficiency – up to 40% more efficient than comparable monohulls to mean range anxiety is a thing of the past.  With either 3 fantastic staterooms, or a traditional 4-cabin layout this is a motor boat the whole family can enjoy,  while providing privacy and tranquility in separate hulls when it’s time to rest.  With up to 3 large refrigerators, lithium batteries, mood lighting and entertainment systems, marine heating and air conditioning, this power catamaran has both comfort and cruising practicality aplenty.

Twin 400hp or 500hp engines provide outstanding performance in the MAKAI M45 power catamaran. But safety is king for cruisers – that’s why you’ll find premium vacuum-infused hulls and decks, advanced composite materials, and premium foam cores with no use of wood in the construction process. Please speak to us about our unmatched safety record and how we consider your safety at every stage of design and construction.  Learn more on the M45 page.